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a writer who draws

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And then George W Bush walked in.
sp act hero movie

Some roughs there from a one-page strip I drew for  Dan Lester back in the Camden comics stall days. Unlike most of Dan's stuff this is quite SFW. And I really like Dan's writing on this one.

Heres the finished piece.

The NSFW Revenge of the Cantina went up yesterday, here it is.

Later today, The Party, a 20 page comic full of more toilet humour spot gags styles but with less rude words.

Happy Birthday [info]jackfirecat - We shall have Nasty Scotch Drunk Again Fun Times.

INTERWEBHEADS, You can still buy pages. My paypal address is drew.luke@gmail.com. And can bid on stuff by Dave Gibbons, John Bolton and Caroline Parkinson, that's her lovely piece below. And digital downloads through Alltern8 iDream including the Sheridan Cottage Volume 1 and some other gear not yet uploaded. All sales on iDream go 100% to the artist, and if you're quick they may still be doing free artist accounts. iDream are really lovely people.

Oh look, they even has that Colonel Decker out of the A-team tv show thing.

P.S Donators so far who haven't received anything, Pick! Pick!

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We shall have Nasty Scotch Drunk Again Fun Times

Thank you!, we should shall

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