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a writer who draws

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ah..been away for a bit.
Division X Drinks
Well, a wee part-time job may be coming in and there's moves happening that might have me booking a flight from tomorrow.
Oh, and the combat troops have left Iraq. Isn't that frickin phenomenal?

oxfordhacker 's birthday so shout out to him. Did I read something about him France? I've been away from livejournal so long that I'd not be surprised if he has a trained robot dog modified from futuretech, possibly on loan to Badasstronaut for guarding her country cottage. The one used for the MCR which she thought might be a funny idea to suggest buying,but not so the Girly Comic couple who decided it was a viable option and corralled many mutual friends into buying shares in it.

Got a bit carried away with my harmless paranoias there. I think that has not happened. However if any of you have recently become leaders of small South American countries, do let me know.

Todays comic from the archives is

click thru for reads

It's a neat ambassador for a sort of comic I'd like to do again - part crass pop culture humour shorts, part autobio strip, part zine image music festival review. I shall tag it below.

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