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Alex Jones and the Declaration of Co-Dependents
Hold the Phones It's Alex Jones
When Professor Octagon and I plotted out our story ideas for Animated Alex Jones we knew we wanted [info]benchilada in on it. And following his excellent HEAD OF ALAN WATTS piece, he's provided co-scripting duties on this piece. TUCK IN!

Follow the tag below for more adventures in fighting the new world order Marvelous-Megaphonic Jones-style. But first, leave a comment. Cluster-fuck me with comments, I'll put up more Hold the Phones pieces.

 My pal Chrissie has hit a financial fuck-up and is asking for donations. So please go and
throw some dolLARS or poWunds or whatever, in her sidebar paypal jar. You can check out her adventures of wacky Europeeans in the full-colour Club Comicana over at Chez Chrissie.

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Why Glenn Beck is Quackers


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