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a writer who draws

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Beck Vs Jones
Hold the Phones It's Alex Jones
"Well, I can prove my authorship but you can't have the data on my thumb"

This is a really old story but
for those of you who didn't get it,..or prefer emotive language over data?

For every person that doesn't leave a comment on this series, a seal dies.

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Glenn Beck is pure hucksterist showmanship, you can see that within a few minutes of watching his act. He even cries on cue. A man more destined to be found out and/or lead a populist movement I have never seen.

Cute wombats too, thobut.

Ah yes. The Russia Today video link above seemed to be going viral just as I posted this (as well as Donald Duck video)

I wonder how bad the crying is, but I'd rather not look. I still recall Charlie Brooker's clip were he fakes pouring gasoline over himself.

Those are AJALF. Wombats are here and own a galaxy.

Edited at 2010-10-06 10:58 pm (UTC)

meant wallabies, still stand corrected that way too

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