Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

Don't Get Lost - the 24 hour comic

Tags: "24 hour comics", "don't get lost"

  • Mondays Tweeting with Richard

    This week, we'll have a briefer meet from 12-3:30. If I've set it up properly, it'll come straight through to LJ. Here's last week's session, 6:07…

  • LukeWarm - From the cutting room floor

    Some out-takes from my last comic. I've not been following Alex Jones lately. Instead exploring round the patches of Leary and McLuhan. Jones is…

  • I'd much rather spell spam backwards

    This ones for the arse who spammed my livejournal earlier with some links to some music17 bullshoite that were really just drug ads. I've uploaded…

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