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a writer who draws

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In place of our scheduled programme, some frizzy lines of something
Division X Drinks
Late November - Moved away from the junkies, to a lovely new home. Now only 17 doors from Paddy Brown. He's not reported the stalking yet, unless...

December - Exciting wedding in Chandigarh, which I'll be from posting my journal on over the month.

Mid December - From cool winter to subzero, I return a day ahead of the storm to a house which still has no central heating or hot water fitted. The contractor was due again today. Strike Four, he's a dick.

I'm to be given a grant from the UnLtd Millenium Awards Fund to develop my comic about epilepsy. It's to be redrawn by my first choice, local chirpee Stephen Downey. His graphic novel Cancertown with Cy Dethan, is a bit Hellblazer, but much more fucked up. He also drew a Torchwood comic for money, so I'm glad to help in his rehabilitation. Here's a link to his stuff.

Early on Christmas Day, we lost a very dear member of the family. It was quite unexpected and to be honest I'm confused as to how to cope with it. Very well drawing a comic if I was going to do that anyway, but I just felt out of energy, sideways knocked. Until now I've spoken to five people about it. I think I'll have a go later this week, but it won't be enough. Another member of the family was taken into intensive care on the same day - not one I know well, but it has been a bit of a what the fucking fucksticks. Word is shes making a recovery.

A minor emotional breakdown related to a life of singledom.

Some work on my book - the first tewnty pages of dialogue nailed. Staying put.

Watched the whole first season of Mad Men (you over-rated it?) and Deadwood (Lol Swearengen) Also enjoyed Peep Show and Misfits, though shocked to discover my 9yr old cousin watches the latter. His sister challenged him, and it transpired he'd only seen parts of Series 1.

New Years Eve funeral followed by drinking with a pal at a nightclub for slim twenty-year olds.

New Years Resolutions: Less meat, less wank and less smoke.

A revision draft on my documentary on Belfast Comics. Almost there, for shooting in two weeks.

Today I made about twenty parathas.

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Oh dear, sounds like you had some crap 2010 too; sorry for your losses.
BUT congratulations on the grant. Great news!

How did Paddy Brown let that happen? Now you're close enough to base a comic on him. (I suggest '17 Doors' as the title.)


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