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Otherside of instant sleep, Zarren's mother (who Hitesh has me refer to as Auntie) presented chi: flask of hot water just, but milk - mixed? hot, yum. When Hitesh breathed in with a hop, skip and jump at about midday, Auntie spoke of the chakras and the five important ones (being the four elements and space) Colour was important, rainbows on glass, school science projects; white is the source (the light) and through, purple is the colour of the intellect.

There are all sorts of strengths in the computer metaphor. Chakras as accessing, downloading. The chakras are in the body, the hard disc. The soul is the soft light drive - located in the pineal gland (third eye) As she spoke of this, in a roundabout way, I observed my own soul. A Babylon 5 vorlon set, the soul a (fast as) light on this tramway or not tramway but bridge. It rests in the central junction. Perhaps the towering skull, and underneath those future tracks - the pipe (nose) where purple and blotched like some Vorlon-Minbar city, that's how I thought of them. The lady explained it in terms of neurology so perhaps it's grey and and pink and white and all the medical student architecture. The soul can be anywhere at any point in recalling past-life and to demonstrate I visited Belfast. The living room and box room in under four seconds. Quicker than climbing those stairs! When the soul returns to the hard drive it brings this past-lifetime data with it for an upgrade. There are many points when a soft light drive gets to fulfil it's purpose as a backup disc, a system to restore capability. When all the clutter is cleared out to the recycle bin. I'm told this is the big decision time for me - I've known this a month now. Hitesh knows this too. It's the season of re-imprinting capabilities: when we must pack and sort correctly.

We spent the rest of the day riding around with Samihl and Hitesh's younger brother Rachit. Hitesh ate too much, an excuse opportunity by having a fat lad in tow. So we both grew tired. I shopped and we looked for accommodation for guests; stopping for coffee and smokes. We'd gotten very tired. Anyhow, today is a new day and I don't mind this Indian winter sun at all. It heats my body and I feel that marriage could be a distinct possibility for me too. And yes, that might be something I'd like.

Tags: "hala boulah", "hala gulah"

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