Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

4 / saat

Java Daves: Mostly filled with teen twenty pretties it wasn't their exclusive, as noted by the presence of several over-60s sikhs. Blazing lunchtime weather with nightclub whirl. I sat in like a jacuzzi of sound reading Bateman, Gatiss and Morrow. The Italian Breakfast was spicy and scrumy, deliciousest the scrambled egg, with all the contents of a full English. A “Full English” had only 3-4 items. I also had an Irish Java coffee and it was very good.


It was a long and tiring day, organising wedding plans by driving an iphone twenty times around the city. SAARC (South Asian Association For Regional Cooperation) put on an evening festival of folklore ceremony and I took some pictures.

with a camera which lets me record two minutes of video, sewed together willynilly


Video 2 - Odd camera angles at the start: preserved for the sound. Diamond.

Tags: "hala boulah", "hala gulah"

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