Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

The Invisible Artist? and Absence Mk 2

Unavailable interviewees meant that most shooting wrapped up on the documentary I'm making with Northern Visions. Psychological fighting aside (:P) I'm quite happy with what Producer Carl and Researcher Paddy have done. By the time we add a few cutaways, voice-overs, scans and Carl walks The Edit of Pain, we're going to have a really special piece on the hidden history and presence of Northern Irish comix. If you're interested in reading more the Irish Comics Wiki is a good place to start. The documentary features myself, Paddy Brown, Davy Francis, Jim McKevitt, John Farrelly, PJ Holden ESQ, Stephen Downey and A Big Fish. Guessing it would be out about the same time as...

Absence Mark 2 by Stephen Downey. Some of Stephen's finest work. It's a challenge to pick one page to preview so here's one of my ten favourite.

Absence will be out around Northern Ireland in April and available to overseas readers with ipodphones and internet shortly after.
Tags: "absence", "the invisible artist?"

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