Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

5th - p.m. pt 1

On the road I'm reunited with my clothes. I pin Hitesh in the car to a lengthy conversation about our “itinerary”.

I've calmed down now, not spitting and we discuss lipstick in Tinkle and the Alex Jones Report. And colour in clothing. Zarren remarks of the wearing of grey in English weddings. This is, I recall as a sign of respect for the elderly, while in India the attitude is reversed with brides expected to be brightly kitted out.
The Tinkle Holiday Special also has a feature on mysterious lights.

(I also get to hear the recounting of the great epics which the elders value) Krukshatna – great significance in Indian history/mythology. Value – Mahabharata – stepbrothers warring over blind king. Young brother given charge. Bhundas claimed land was theirs – poetry epic of how ideas should be followed in families and relations. (However this is all shorthand and not spellchecked)

The series and tags for this series have been retitled 'Hala Gulah' because my Hindi is pigeon.
Tags: "hala boulah", "hala gulah"

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