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5th - P.M

Continuing Hala Gulah, my journal of the beautiful love marriage of Hitesh and Nupur in a Dr. HS Thompson Fear and Loathing style. None of the views endorsed herein reflect fully the gratitude with which I was treated but I like throwing in bad language to impress people.

Hitesh has asked me to alternate userpics but as you guessed I'm madly busy so YOU; pick out some photos for me. I now return you to unusual service with

The Festival of the Ceremony of Rings

Scription in coloured pens. Last night's event was like a buffet. One dancefloor for thirty minutes and moving to the next one for the sake of it and moving to dinner and a served ring ceremony. “Poorer indians will rent smaller venues but still take in all the facilities”, Zarren tells me. In my whiskey-hit brain fifty different foods, constellations of lights, Nupur's perfect eyes, birthday cake fed to me by Hitesh's father Ashok (who took me from the others between functions building the joke scare I was to serve unprepared a ceremonial purpose involving a horse). Zarren tells me I'm fat before hurriedly contextualising,

“I mean, you are inappropriately fat.”

“In Belfast, that means you're flirting with me.”

She looks gorgeous in her dress, we all do. Rahul and I share a large double bed around 2:30am and watch rubbish American TV - “Win It In A Minute”


I also have some notes here about colours. White - Higher colours and White ----> All colours, White ---> people desiring spiritual learning and green – heart and purple – intellect.

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