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Earlier entries with photos and vids, here.

Sometime in the after-day I'm in mucky jeans, trainers and a creased T-shirt breathing the musky air towards Java Daves were I fancy one of those compatible full Italian breakfasts. I think I may call in on Hitesh (Hitu) on the way and he's there in front. “Come”. So are all his relatives for casual ceremonies I don't feel dressed for.

In the front garden, Hitesh and Nupur sit cross-legged facing with towels draped over. A pink additive to the water in the saucer helps hide the coin which the two must use a hand to feel for to decide who is the master of the house. A further game-ceremony involves a coin, this pressed in the palm of the hand. The husband and wife must wrest it from one another. Yesterday afternoon incorporated the essence of British stag night as family ceremony. Now incorporating the point at the wedding disco where everyone's pissed off their trolley and fooling around. A further game involves the women of the family beating the brother-in-laws with large plants. It's all fun and games until.

Drinks and a meal, and six full cars of relatives depart at once, each hugged and kissed on the way. After ten minutes I go too. Java Daves does a balancer of a Darjeeling tea. I spy some cheap photocopying and get a bunch of mini-comics printed up. (12p to a £1, binding included) I invest in some sketch pens and a kangaroo stapler which will see me right.*

(*That's Indian smallpress compared with UK - 70 rs are approx £1)

Walking back, I meet Zarren who drives me to her place. Auntie tells me of thought and meditation, offering me a lecture which I think might be good.
Tags: "hala gulah"

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