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Continued from here..

I blow off our appointment when I realise my phone is missing. It's at the internet centre. While there, I get a couple of hundred print outs done and then off-town to see Hitesh off. Rahul shows, and Samihl and we go to the currency exchange. Rahul and Hitu talk business so I tell them not to. Neither of them smoke a cigarette. I, on the other hand, had more than one. I usually do this using the same hand. Back at the house, they take ages before I can hug them goodbye. They are going to Nupur's parents home for two nights, a stopover in Chicago, then Florida. The photos I've taken are looked at and Rachit chats with me for a bit. Then off to update this journal and read Mark Gattis' Vesuvius Club. Two pre-packed veg sandwiches at 20 /- (28p) each from Swiss Pie. They include free ketchup sachets.

Modelling Hitesh's hoodie, and Sameer coaching me in facing the sun. Below, Rahul and the groom, in his last moments before honeymoon SLACK.

Tags: "hala gulah"

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