Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

12th - 14th

And so that was it : my India Journal.

I took more photos than there were wedding guests. The muse is yelling for a payslip. So I content this conclusion with notes scribbled in my diary,

"Facebook Event : Varun Vs Zarren: Sobriety Challenge. Next Saturday"

I had a nice sitdown with Auntie and got lots of information on various UK societies offering free meditation-related course teaching. And an image, (though not the one below), which is placed in several areas around my home.

There was my rubbish attempt to organise a farewell meal, which looked to dissolve into a date with Zarren, and then came together clumsily. And my running out of cash to pay for it, which Varun didn't seem about to let me do anyhow.

I remember spending time with Gaurav over coffee, and on the morning I left, his office. As India's liason with Oxford Brookes, were we met, there was a huge desk, photos of him with key public staff. I sat in on a meet with a prospective Brookes student and felt offered to voice my opinion of studying there. Surprised, because Gaurav knows I can be a bit outspoken, but I reserved offering guidance in case my impartiality was a bit too impartial. After, we went to one of those Disney Pizza fast food venues, which I took quite a liking to.

I had to say goodbye to a lot of people - Hitesh and Zarren's families being the most felt. Rachit flew through traffic, in Indian road style - which means daring coupled with a laid-back timing that makes my anxious heart even more worried. And with only minutes to spare at the airport, the plane was delayed by an hour and a half.

An email arrived from John Robbins not long after home asking if I were alright? There were elements of this trip that concerned me. I'm not sure I'll ever be married, like I was living my wedding through Hitesh and Nupur's - I'll be 40 in a few years. Sad to live through someone else's experiences - but as sad goes, I rate this at the top. How I would love my wedding to be like this.

I'd made light promises to be out for Zarren and Rahul when each of them marry. It seems unlikely in light of job prospects. If they married each other, they would save guests money!
(Or, if either would like to marry me...)

Zarren and I had many heated conversations about vegetarianism and when I got home I thought I'd revisit the roots. This lasted two days. What did last, is my developing a range of cooking habits from focussing on a Vegetarian menu. I buy spices, and courgettes and dried yeast. I've been positively addicted to roti bread and red lentil daal. So, to end on, here are some of the things I've been cooking lately...

If friends or family would like all my images or videos from the trip, I can arrange a Dropbox Download spot. Please leave a comment.
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