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Absencecomic.com Launch

The new edition of Absence: a comics about epilepsies launched today online. While I was in my bed sleeping off a rubix cube block of press release variants.

Co-creator Stephen Downey green-lit the switch, and Rich Johnston, bless his populist heart, gave the comic a top header over at BleedingCool.com

Stephen has done a fantastic job.  Me too. We rock.

It's been an odd day. Signing on, I managed to impress the Jobcentre staff with free comics. I soothed the spirits of the Steps To Work advisor, who delayed the programme to allow me to distribute Absence properly.

I'm still waiting for the mainstream press to pick up on this. There have been a few signs the locals might respond. The comic has had only about half the hits of the original version which I drew in biro.

On the other hand, there have been a lot more re-tweets and personal messages expressing the importance of the comic, and this is very uplifting.

If you're based in or near Belfast, there's a launch party on Thursday at Catalyst Arts from 7:30pm.
All are welcome.

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Kewl! Hope you get some good results.



Was going to head to your launch party but i've come over all swollen tonsils and feverish and whatnot :( hope it was good for you. Won't be at the red barn tomorrow but hopefully see you at the next one?

Fionnuala Scullion

Hey Fionnula, Absolutely. It seems a lot of folk are coming down sick this week - i hope you get out of that spot soon bud.

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