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10 Best TV Moments Of 2011 Which I Mostly Saw By Internet
24 Hour Reviewing
Also courtesy of Paddy's TV.

1. Gatehouse will meet you off the tube.
2. That Lauren Socha headbutt.
3. Pretty sky, astronaut in the lake
4. Carl and The Deer
5. The God Complex
6. Danny DeVito as Dr. Mantis Toboggan sends Facebook fans of Paddy's Pub a Virus Video
7. Blink decapitation and fall, from ep. 1 of Game of Thrones (I gotta see em all)
8. Gaiman's Boxes
9. Making out in Plumbing accident, from ep. 1 of Forbydelsen (again, I gotta see more)
10. Butters and the unmasking of Dr. Janus ties with Daniel Hays, Monster Hunter.

With special mention to my own teevee film were Belfast cartoonist and multi-generational point-man Davy Francis, tells the tale about the time he lost his eye to cancer. Just by the way: that's how Davy rolls.

Also, Jeremy Kyle Envelope Headshot was a cute spark.

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Yeah, I'm a Socha supporter, too.

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