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a writer who draws

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Merry Christmas
sp act hero movie
I've been damned lazy. Or disorganised. I put lazy before disorganised but I didn't mail any cards despite having loads. IF you don't move house in the next year it'll have saved me some time.
Anyhow, I'm in Nottingham with a friend and to take the weight off of tomorrow, tonight she's cooking Xmas Pizza:

A few of the other cards I made

Have a Superb Christmas and A Bountiful New Year
The Christmas Truce

And then there's this one. 


Celebrity X-Factor Strictly Apprentice on Ice With Bobbins AND a Twitter Hashtag On

Kay Burley is holding a trident and eating a baby gorilla. Above the scarily long necks of The Apprentice jury is a pizza boomerang, which was one of the propositions put before the Dragon's Den hosts. I'm sure it was. More detail here or click on any for big size.

I also made cards out of my Panto Comics:

Jazz (autobot) as Robin Hood and His Merry Band Vs Westlife Zombie Army (2005)


Louis Walsh concentration guard camp in Cinderella (2008) (With Dwight Schultz)

These cards went down well at the Arts and Disability Form Christmas exhibition. So well I've been asked to exhibit my 24 hour comics in February and do a part-time residency. It'll be my first solo exhibition, and the ADF people Chris and Leo are lovely and...We're still working out details but I'll be trying to make comics in Braille.