Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

The Invisible Artist? (2011)

The Invisible Artist from Northern Visions/NvTv on Vimeo.

Running time:35m

The comic booklet: once a mass market media form, it has all but disappeared from our shelves in the last twenty years. This film explores the hidden heritage of Belfast-centric cartooning that goes back centuries. More recently the vibrant underground publishing scene here, from The Belfast People's Comic (1977) to The Cattle Raid of Cooley (2011), has begun to attract attention from establishment arts bodies. We look at the stories of committed creators in this black sheep media and how they have informed our contemporary culture.

The Invisible Artist was written by myself and filmed and edited by Carl Boyle of Greater Belfast community group Northern Visions TV. Once a training ground for Channel 4 film-makers, NVTV is free-to-view, and hosts it's programmes on Channel 62/799.276MHz in Belfast, with a weekly and omnibus edition, before joining the archive screenings looped rotation. Shows also appear online in the months after airing. NVTV are hoping to raise their broadcasts to appear on Freeview next year. This film was originally screened on 7 November at 4:30pm, and again on 12th, at approximately 12:30.

I'm indebted to Carl Boyle for stepping in to cover the editing and production when my workload became too heavy to cope. The documentary was shot in a short space of time in early 2011 and captures the vibrancy of the time. In many ways, The Invisible Artist? is also the story of Davy Francis, a man at the crossroads of four decades of comics creation in Belfast. I'd like to thank Carl, Davy, Paddy Brown, PJ Holden (who called by at the last minute to help out), and everyone who gave their time to make this film happen.

Linked from NVTV on Vimeo

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