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If you're not already aware I've been performing my first arts residency. The gallery, Belfast's Arts and Disability Forum, are showing my three 24 hour comics. This is the spot for 'In Time', which also sees a clever experiment were I create comics for six weeks without any sleep. Four weeks in and I can now camouflage myself against walls, turn my facial hair into a cat's plaything and phase through walls, such as gravity*.

I've been making news turn into comics - today's is mainly about the art cuts in Belfast, and I'm also happy with the Eastenders story.

NewsZoom runs Tuesdays and Thursdays and usually appears at and

The Adf is based at 109-113 Royal Avenue in Belfast. It's opposite the Bank of Ireland that the Occupy group liberated. Gosh, that was fun. Do you know I built an aerial runway between the two? I made a safety parachute out of copies of the i.
I'll be there til March 15th if you can recommend it to anyone in the area.

*I'm fine really. Sleeping well. I just seem to have a latent drama queen busting out.
Tags: 24hrcomics, arts, belfast, cuts, eastenders, intime, newszoom

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