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a writer who draws

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Hold The Phones: The Collection, now on MyeBook
Hold the Phones It's Alex Jones
Follow the father of 911 Truth as he travels in time through American history, faces vaccination and innoculation, resists the attempts of big media to hypnotise his kids and join him. See him advertise water filters and gold seeds, fight enemies foreign and domestic. Witness his trip with David Icke, George Noory, Jim Tucker and Gerald Celente as they cross seven continents. 

"I've read a few Hold The Phones online and found them agreeably demented; but with any inherent merit to the theories lost in a hilariously realised characterisation of the Jones fellow, it was difficult to view the strips as anything other than an absolute hoot of a reality sitcom."
      - John Robbins

A bumper 44 pages of conspiracy action! Co-created by Andy Luke and Professor Octagon, with Geoffrey D. Wessel, Benjamin (benchilada) STone, Bisson and Sean Duffield.

Click on the text above for the online shop and preview. Print copies are also available by Paypalling me £4 & £1 for overseas postage. I may be doing a few more UK comix festivals this year if you'd prefer to wait.

Learn the truth!