Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

The Truth Commissioner

On iPlayer until April 12th, the film based on David Park's novel, examines the legacy of The Troubles: the victims without closure; the stupid, stupid paramilitary children; the grown men still playing gangster or 'representative' politicians, aka shit-birds. It's a what-if on digging up the truth, a fictional enquiry on a war rife with people being manipulated by bigger and bigger forces, and not just a war, life.

Roger Allam is superb as ever. All the acting is full of heart. The photography around Belfast works very well in building up a picture of how life is here.

My writing tutor, a brilliant woman, arranged for David to talk to our class a month or two ago. He's a softly-spoken man, full of conviction and modesty but lacking in bluster. Also, a solid researcher who gave it a lot and these things come through in this adaptation.

iPlayer: The Truth Commissioner (1hr30m) [Link]
iPlayer: Conversation with David Park (14m) [Link]

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