Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

Gods. Writing a book is hard.

Because I don't stop when it's done, to answer definitively. It's been about six weeks of promotional work there, bringing us to now, six weeks before the U.S. election. Yes the last two weeks have been easier. Drinking, a massage, a snazzy new jacket from a second hand store; mochachinos and cupcakes and fricking yes, starting writing the next books. Everybody wants to read my second novel. It's the literary work, literary literature literary literature. Except it's not going to be released for five years, so people will have to make do with Axel America and the U.S. Election Race, a piece of disposable entertainment which is great, says my publisher, and he says that full on, like it is essential, like you must go and buy a copy right now, because my publisher is probably Kilraven.

So I haven't stopped writing Axel America and the reason is because it's still being written in the promotion. I've done four/five TV spots, three radio/podcasts and a half dozen interviews for blogs. (There's a near-complete listing at Over the six weeks ahead we're trying to make the podcasts number a dozen, run advertising campaigns, discounts (On Smashwords, end of the month, no, why wait? Code CA65D, only you have that Livejournal), there's two more video-casts to come, and two more competitions to set up.

Link is

I'm making all this sound pretty terrible and it is stressful in this heat and I've been absencing a little more than usual and like everyone else, taking un-scheduled 6pm sleeps. It's a learning curve. I can fit in walks in the park again, maybe some exercise, more holidays. I'm already examining options for the Nov-Dec England holiday, hopefully a fortnight across Oxford, London, Brighton Cambridge when I'll have print copies along with me. I've so much work to do my days are becoming better structured to cope. It ain't easy but it's good.

You can also buy Axel at

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