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We got into Warsaw half-way through Wednesday. 3pm darkness with snow thick on the ground and hot breath. An hour twenty for 17 zloty (£3.40) from Moldin Airport to the city, where I expected Belfast: small roads, the occasional skyscraper, but no. Mostly skyscrapers: how I think of Japan.

Sarah and I walked to the apartment down Aleja Jana Pawla II, by towers of lit windows in the night, a thousand like-cubicles of office bods. Neon life, floor after floor, lifts shooting, lifts falling. Trams passing the chunks of black mush ice stored on the pavement. We come to a well-lit brick bistro in front of an apartment, locked. Major fannying about, a missed email, Sarah insists on picking up the key and rides the trams. (Ofc, I protested).

The next morning we travel to the Palace of Science and Culture. Each area is cost ticketed, cheap, but we wind up only (only!) on the quick ride to the 30th floor.

Al. Jerozolimskie, (Jerusalem Street), and a classy Polish chain restaurant called Zapiecek's with waitresses in traditional dress brandishing pierogi (dumplings), yum yum. We dander some more (dandering is great), and I propose the pint-per-pub crawl, which non-beer drinking Sarah has to go along with as it's a brilliant plan. First stop is the British Bulldog, not really in the spirit of plan, and has cold staff huddles. However we pick up Gary, a Swiss lawyer so charming I couldn't bear to leave him there, so we go onto a strange restaurant to talk about strange Australian animals which I can only remember as bear-pigs and bear-dogs. We didn't try this place, but figured you'd like it:

We stopped at this bar for two pints and a blow job each . That's half Archer's, half Bailey's.

Beers were about 4-8 zloty each (£1-£2), breakfast the following morning a lot more costly because our heads fecking hurt.

Actually, we'd breakfast at Spinki i Szpilki, lovely, affordable, and I think I should end this post about here.
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