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Warsaw II

Post pub crawl breakfast at Spinki i Szpilki for 17z, or they have delicious scrambled eggs for 9z.

Spinki i Szpilki is in Muranow district, right below the apartment, and, five minutes walk from the Polish Museum of Jewish History. Galleries and museums are closer to UK prices than anything else. Currently 5z to £1, this was well worth the 25z. A history from 14th century to present: expansive; interactive; state-of-the-art CSI stylings; won awards in it's first year open.

There was a Gutenberg style small press device were I wound a lever to produce a print. Many rooms had a uniform design to fit the period: the stern church look for early history, the open-space agrarian design for the next century. Skipping forward to the 19th century there were rooms as offices and streets to reflect Polish Jews contributions to journalism.

The Warsaw Jews suffered badly in the 1920s and the WW2 rooms were filled with notes smuggled to neighbours urging 'Please save me!' and photos and names of the disappeared ones, pictures of streets bombed and bled. I hobbled through the exhibition, bad shoes and a cold sweat. There was a lot of focus on the failed 1944 Uprising. People and places the Nazis didn't wipe out, the Soviets tried to. The display leading up to the fall of Communism featured walls of bullhorns, old phones and footage on black and white televisions: "yes, Sarah, 1983!"

It took two hours at a decent pace to get around the permanent exhibition. I was enlightened, educated, bedazzled and aching sick by the end of it. Then, this. A freaking comics exhibition!

I wasn't even in the mood to enjoy it, but I did snap plenty of photos, so now we can all enjoy it together.

Righto, looks like a 3rd post on Old Town next week. I really need some of Moto's concise travel-blog skills, don't I?

Happy Christmas everyone.

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