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Warsaw III
sp act hero movie
On leaving the museum, cut by cheap heels and under the weather, I didn't get far. The first opportunity for a stop was a delightful nerd cafe.

Yes, three photos. A nerd cafe is a beautiful and rare thing.

This was fifteen and fifteen minutes between our walk to Old Town, free of skyscrapers with an impressive wildness of cobblestones, narrow streets and lights.

That photo's good, innit? Yes it is.

When the Nazis put down the Warsaw uprising they absolutely leveled the city in their spiteful way and Old Town saw the worst of it. It was gone. So the people reconstructed ambitiously. Some parts (of the city) were built to close to original specifications, including rubble from the original buildings. Old Town is geared largely towards tourists; that works well.

The area was seriously decked out in lights which my photos only hint at. Here's a video I shot of the gallery in the centre of it all, a previous seat of Soviet government.

We had some neat stuffed periogi (Sarah fried, mine boiled - as that's the best), and I had a glass of hot beer, which is one of my new favourite things. (Budweiser, oddly, seems a safer choice than some white/ pale ales) Then back to the flat to sleep for four hours before getting up to catch the train to the airport. I'm happy we managed to fit so much into three days; anymore would have been pushing.