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And my brain has been buzzing this last week.

February was a bit of a blur. Sloth mixed with mental illness. Still not sure if I'm suited for 'self employed author', hanging on in case I am. I've been seeing Sam and Helen, lovely indy arty types in the comics-zine crossover and enlisting them in a Caption-like event in Belfast next year and an MCR-like event for later this year. I fancy doing the latter in a lighthouse.

Last week I decided to take a week off to focus on really cleaning the flat. That's only half done. OTOH, I've gotten a writer's unblock, writing poetry form for character POV prose. I hope I didn't peak yesterday laying down three strong pieces and one fifty percenter. And my brain has been buzzing this last week. Wondering if I work better under imagined public pressure. Perhaps I could publish 300 words a day for a year on that real history evil Quantum Leap story. And I want to do a comic again, for the Enniskillen festival in May, scripts to draw from Richard Barr and John Robbins.

Recently finished Christine Dwyer Hickey's Cold Eye of Heaven, very digestible literature, a life story of a Dubliner told in reverse and with great colour.
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