Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

All done with The Shield season 3. Find it goes down a little too easy that Dirty Harry aspect. Of course loving the casting, great ensemble. Finickety deleted scene menu on Se3, but bonus features on The Shield are generally great: a professional insight into TV production. The commentaries are well structured too. Yes, full marks. Their subtitles have Dutch in Dutch.

Got around to 2000AD/Megazines from about ten years ago. A lot of Missionary Man in there, mixed feels. Wagner and MacNeill's sequel to America couldn't match the original but enjoyable enough with a few jaw-dropping pages and classic twists. I do love MacNeill. Other highlights: Steve Sampson's work on Harmony, Frazer Irving with Dredd in the wilderness, Siku's Fetish, where Africa comes to MC1. I'd an excerpt of XTNCT, beautiful batshit bonkers monosyllabic dinosaurs by Cornell & D'Israeli, putting me in mind of Jim Woodring.

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