Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

Ow comics my hand

Well, that's the new Livejournal Agreement with the Russian Federation ticked. Not sure how long I'll be around. I've some extensive work plans for over the next year possibly beyond.

Simon Amstell's Carnage on iPlayer is my marked fave this week: a psuedo-docu in a Time Trumpetesque future of a world without meat, best not viewed over dinner. Imaginative, surreal and very funny. Running time: 65 minutes.

I've nearly completed 'What we too were once about', a black comedy comic strip written by Richard Barr. A few hours left to delete all the pencil smudge and it's ready for the anthology. Current page count is 32, with six to draw and as many as twelve to come in from other writers. Here's two clips from the thing with Barr, yes, that's a Sons and Daughters reference. The second needs a clean up.


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