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sp act hero movie
Hi Livejournal,

I couldn't post on the novel a few weeks ago and that ended up on my websiteblog. The big news is Ignacz the Watch Thief running on Patreon. I began researching this way, way back and quickly realised I'd struck a sort of golden fault line. It became a script for a graphic novel: some interest from Insomnia and Blank Slate but publication funding was non-existent. Four artists backed away from it, despite condensing a total monomyth into forty eight pages. The film treatment is out there in a slush pile somewhere. This year I decided to write it up as prose and that's out new life into it. Here's the pitch:

It's a globe-trotting time-crossing tragicomedy of adventure and escape which traverses the Edwardian age to World War Two. The story of the most famous person you've never heard of.

One US dollar a month buys four chapters (plus the three already written), and $2 (£1.60) gets you a weekly commentary. I've thrown in We Shall Not Be Stapled as a PDF for all subscribers. More info at http://patreon.com/andyluke

In two weeks it'll start running for free at andy-luke.com. I understand if people wait for the free version though I'd be grateful if you spread the word. This is unique. It's in the vein of my Horatio Bottomley story for To End All Wars, yet Unlike Anything.