Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

Terminator 4, Michael Moore

Terminator 4 : Arnold Scwarzenegger plays a good Terminator sent back in time and comes to blows with a Terminator, who is disguised as a popular trustworthy liberal entertainment spokesperson in favour of anti-war movement. His mission : to save the life of the son of a scientist, who will grow up to build the Terminator machines of the future that will make the world free from the lack of choice of building Terminator machines. I'm thinking Michael Moore might be tempted back into the movie business. Subtitled, 'In Alphabetical Order'.

Oh oh Oh Save me from another walk-on part !

I'll be appearing in a comicbook movie soon. Its going to be called, 'Here Comes The Daredevil !'

In it, I'll play a big city loner who is reading a newspaper which gets caught underneath a Chinese meal takeaway when I'm assaulted by a group of ASBO slappiers. However, while ingesting psilocybin given to them by their pal Macca, their heads become dislodged under their baseball caps for five hours while perfectly awake. Doctors struggle to release them, their fat heads, while they grow rich on reduced-to-clear fatty foods and find upon getting sight, their tracksuits look very silly indeed. This enlightenment grows alongside a desire to quit being a waste of all that is good, and freeing the world from their parasitic presence, by working with the sick and the lame and aiding rather than leeching upon the already embittered world around them, switching their wannabe bullshit of Hate Rap and Dance for Enigma, Johnny Cash and John Martyn Turner. Its gonna be as enjoyable as Human Traffic ! Check out the films website at ! and do take part in the interactive competitions, games and downloads available on some mobiles.
Tags: amnesty international, andrew luke, enigma, human traffic, john martyn turner, johnny cash, michael moore, movie, terminator 4

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