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a writer who draws

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Johnny's birthday party
sp act hero movie
I think I achieved and gave multiple social orgasm last night. Putting more clearly, I had a rapidity of perfect moments, real contented happy. Magical. I had one bad time, a trance, I guess maybe related to my epilepsy. I was concious through the whole process. Twiggy_twee led me out of it by the hand, and helped me to breathe.

Thanks to everyone. Nobody was lacking in contribution. We found a frog, watched a seagull and some blackbirds up close eat bread. Tnere were midget hamsters. Mark ran mostly naked through the streets with burning paper from his boxers. (Ouch). There were revealedhistories, some beatuiful, some a little hard to take. There was real human warmth and sensuality. I love you all.

Ben: Cooking, hosting and a mean twister opponent,
Cassie: beat poetry, make-up
Matt: Secure DJ skills, vital Guardian distribution
Johnny: Guitars, So richly huggable, Conceptual Creator
Lyns: Co-conspirator, Associate Director darling in work and frolics
Shane: Guitars, Modesty Technician
Mark: Nudity and transvestitism, Consultant
johnny C: Chess and stripey pullover, tea
Paul: Cigarettes and beer, Consultant

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we should aim for a similiar/possibly even better night next week at mine? same people, same residential area, add in few more people..maybe not?
however less amps and guitars, less animals in the garden, no chess board..still hope for equal gallivations despite this?

*sobs* yeah galvanisations

When Lynsey and I marry, you can be my best man :) hehe but shh i havent told her that yet either.

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