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9-11 Martial Law : Rise of the Police State

Earlier this year Alex Jones issued me with a challenge. A new yearly subscriber to his Prison Planet TV website, the first article after this fact, I read was Alex requesting reviews from his subscribers on his new film 9-ll Martial Law : Rise of the police state. As this was the trigger for buying a subscription, it seemed like a good idea to let people know exactly why this is the most compelling film of 2005. Over the course of this essay I hope to explain why the work of Jones and others like him should be paid attention to.

"Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of corporate media"

In tracing the rise of the police state in America from September 11 2001 Jones uses the 2004 New York Republican National Convention as a framing device while he talks about the various components and aspects of the process. On the streets he interviews a cross section of the community : communists, republicans, New Yorkers, police officers, assorted protesters and protest-protesters such as right wing Christians. Jones accompanies this with a narration on the false left-right paradigm, where he attempts to explain the paradoxical origins of communism, namely the involvement of the central bank and its funding of the early communists, using the doctrine to centralise governments, consolidate power and calm the people. The patronisation of baby-communists by Jones presents amusement , but the real descent into ridiculous is the friction with some CIA plant, LSD victim or disinfo spook from the Communist-Socialist delegation.. Watch for the fun as he and Alex end up shouting ‘You’re a communist’ at one another. No doubt if Jones has the time hes having a go at me for making light of brainwashers negative tactics. Much of the information presented in this documentary is meant to be taken seriously, interspersed with moments of glowing comedy relevant, clutched grasped as if some precious messiah in a butchery of humanity. In looking about the control grid that is NYC locked-down Alex finds surveillance blimps, soundcannons (as used in Iraq and secret police.

“The war on terror is a pretext to launch a military industrial complex takeover of the entire society, everything is now gonna shift into prisons and surveillance and security.”

What Alex Jones does in this film, and in his weekly video and radio shows, is to explore the ugly truth in a way in which so many gushing celebrities oohed and ahhed and thought was being explored when they massaged the ego of Michael Moore. What in ideal Moore represented to his audiences in role of educator and enlightener became in his last movie an unconcentrated solution of already known facts and a role as tutor Jones plays much more competently. With Moore in NYC, Jones decides unsuccessfully to try for an interview, and puts forward the theory Moore didn’t so much as expose the truth, but whitewash it with the propagation of Bush’s image as an idiot in ignorance of “a puppet for a hardcore global crime syndicate….thereby covering up a real political paradigm”. Jones revisits Moore’s film and expands upon the subject matter adding studies of Bin Laden as a CIA agent, Norad standing down and W119 Eye : direct orders from Bush for agents to back off Bin Laden and family.,resulting in many FBI & CIA agents fired and transferred. Jones also points to the worrying parallels with the proposed Operation Northwoods, a US government scam in the fifties and sixties to crash aircraft into buildings on American soil killing American citizens, and use this as a pretext for invading Cuba. Northwoods was green-lighted to the highest echelons in the Pentagon and White House, until it reached JF Kennedy who was sickened by the idea of it. (This is now officially declassified information and the exact proposal documents can be found here.)

As the many diverse groups centre in on NY for the rally, police deal with protestors by placing them, without trial, for a day or several in Pier 57, a toxically hazardous ‘lite’ concentration camp. Uh, containment unit. There are similarities between Pier 57 and the Superdome tragedy following the mess at New Orleans,authorities’ short-sightedness and lazy risking of the health of individuals at a dangerous station. At Ground Zero, Jones pisses off secret police and talks to some sampling of the fifty percent of New Yorkers who believe the government had prior knowledge, and examines figures like Jeb Bush and Larry Silverstein who stood to gain from the buildings’ fall. In particular, ‘The Mystery of Building Seven’; a building very close to the two towers which was destroyed the afternoon of that September 11 in a controlled explosion. The building was the NY HQ of FEMA, The Department of Defense, Central Intelligence Agency, US Secret Service, Securities & Exchange Commission and the city’s main command bunker “overseeing the entire operation”.. He investigates chemical and structural collapse factors and the very certainty of bombs in the planes, and the World Trade Centre, over the official story. As for the prior knowledge debate, there is none. Jones makes it quite clear that there were warnings fromthe French, the British, the Germans, the Russians and The Taleban themselves. Jones looks at the villain’s ‘problem-reaction-solution’ behaviour’ and claiming convincingly of parallels with Hitler and the Reichstag in the WTC attack. It allowed for the Neo-Conservative government the setting up of homeland security in a police state and as a pretext for the invasion of Iraq.

Form and Content

One of the interesting ways in which Jones constructs his film is the heavy inclusion of videotaped news reports and on-the-ground documentary footage with screen snapshots from various news-sites. Not only this helps distance him from an image as a crackpot shock jockey conspiracy theorist towards the genuine perspective of a hard-working news archivist who has with effort collated information and presented clearly the results of his findings to his viewers so they can better verify the claims. This is a quality not unique, but certainly more accessible in documentary movies designed for a internet premiere forum. I’ve been able to handily pause the film to follow up on some of the declarations and google viewable websites from the dates and headlines presented. Such as this example Jones has a tone of truth evident in everything he says and its of false comfort to harbour his claims as outlandish. It’s a little worrying when contrasted with how he speaks the truth, and can prove it, but also releasing. As Alex reminds us too, “this is not hidden information, its all there out in the open, out in broad daylight.”

The film enters its third half and Alex Jones and his cameraman get inside the Republican Convention and talk to attendees at the rally about the protestors and the Bush-Kerry Skull and Bones connection. This theme of face-to-face with the enemy unaware it is about to go down, resonates in Jones’ interviews with Bohemian Grove Club member David Gergen. The Bohemian
Grove for those who don’t know, is a country club that has played host to the powerful and elite including Helmut Schmidt, Henry Kissinger, Alan Greenspan, Newt Gingrich and many U.S presidents since 1900. Inside the club, the members indulge in a ceremony called ‘The Cremation of Care’, were they burn a effigy in sacrifice to a Canaanite deity named Moloch. Jones became the first reporter ever to sneak in there and bring back footage in 2000 which became his well-publicised movie,’Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove’. David Gergen has influenced policy of the previous four U.S.presidents, and is blissfully unaware that he s being interviewed by the guy who snuck in. Watch closely as the fun unfolds !

Next begins an acceleration into a bombarding of the viewer with facts to prove the hypothesis, that America is becoming a fascist police state under martial law. Jones does this by comparing and contrasting Neoconservative America with Nazi Germany : The Olympic Games symbol as imported by Hitler, IBM’s history with concentration camps and helpfulness relating to the coming of national ID card technology, An extensive interview with John Buchanan paints a picture of how the Bush family are the successors to and carriers of Hitler’s vision and supplements this with evidences from the American National archives and Library of Congress. Buchanan examines Prescott Bush and his father-in-law George Herbert Walker and their involvement in money laundering and promotion for the nazis. At one point in 1934 there is an attempted coup to take over the American government and set up a new ruling system to follow exactly the Nazi fascist state model. Martial Law, Internment and Extermination camps would be set up. FDR would be assassinated by the plotters which included the Bushes, DuPonts, Remington family and JP Morgan. Relating these to the present day, Jones explores the Bush-Rove- Schwarzenegger nexus and in his argument paints a profile of Arnie as a racist, sexist fascist fuhrer-wannabe. Chances are you knew that already too, along with Arnie’s international appeal and his grooming as president to an alteration of the constitution to allow such a move. Sure Jones might be stretching it again with statements like, “In control of bombs, army, navy…the very same elite that brought Hitler to power are now pushing Schwarzenegger” but he’s not too far out.</p>

The film concludes with footage from George W Bush’s second election victory and the description of the rally’s security of 660,000 – one security officer to every four or five civilians. He describes how so far Bush has removed seven of the first ten amendments to the constitution (through the Patriot Act), the approach of digitally chipped passports and surveillance cameras in schools and cars. He also examines how the definition of mental illness has been re-defined by a consortium of drugs companies that publicly state that the figure of fifteen per cent of children on psychotropic drugs will rise to fifty per cent in the next few years. This is evidence of the New World Order’s preparation for ‘world empire’ as seen in Iraq and Guantanamo Bay and Jones urges his viewers to wake others up. A flaw (or a strength too), Jones appears to be structuring his movie as a literal translation of the Book of Revelations, yet with giving this movie away free and his others too, and encouraging bootlegging of his works, it appears to me shallow to view him as only an attention-seeker.

9-11 Martial Law : Rise of the Police State by Alex Jones, produced by Alex Jones and Kevin Booth, can be downloaded for FREE hosted here, all 2 hrs, 37 minutes in 257 mb. Thats in three parts, parts 1, 2 and 3.

Alternatively, you can download it for a small fee from Alex’s sites, and , both of which have a good selection of audio, visual and textual media in the archives
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