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David Hicks
sp act hero movie
Going over the casenotes today and finding myself with some difficulties in expressing what good any actions I take will do. How do I explain the karmic responsibilities to the Australian government and do I just leave them to face the Americans knowing they can handle it ?

This ones really gotten to me. What unique perspective can I bring to this that will make a difference to any speediness ?

Anything I say to you about this may just risk me seeming like a cruel, heartless idiot.

For those unfamiliar ,


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You're going to have to think for me this time man, I'm out of the loop. Tell me what I need to do to solve the problems, whatever they are, and I will try my best.



This is whats really irritating me. That I'm unable to engage to write a letter thats universal, and lets those folk with the power to make changes access the pathways in their brain that says i will make those changes.

And I am really disappointed no-one has piped up to suggest anything. I guess that says a lot.

I think that probably you should write a hopeful letter rather than an ambitious one, Andy. Just let them know that you're a sensible person who, in life, strives always to choose to do what's right over what's wrong, but who realises that this option isn't always available to world leaders. Then point out that the David Hicks situation is one that does offer a choice, either in the conditions of his captivity or in the his captivity itself – whatever your point is.
Then simply sign off 'yours faithfully, Andy Luke (age 9, wheelchair-bound)'.

Thanks john, you're a sweet heart. Problem possibly solved. I'll try it first thing tomorrow and when I get the chance I'll email you the special prize I put together for people who take the time.

Should I tell them I'm over eleven years old ?

Under elevens might get some free White House stationary and a 'I heart George' badge. Over elevens however might get David Hicks' human rights restored. Difficult one.
In any case, must send a letter myself. Also: for future reference, I'm more comfortable with you telling me that I HAVE a sweet heart!!
PS This email prize better not have anything to do with unreleased snaps of your cisty ear!

On a downer tonight (sorry)

I positively agree square one tactics are the best, both for preserving sanity and for talking to these, as they can't seem to understand anything other than baby talk. Its a fair bet both you and I and most of our peers are better educated than these nozzles. My stupid loneliness and the uphill just cuts me sometimes.

My livejournal is still on strike on the main post though. Perhaps it will reveal its reasons to me during my fothcoming intoxication.
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Theres also talk of my parallel-world-future-mentor-self coming through a portal to offer some guidance.

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