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a writer who draws

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I lost my temper with Donald Rumsfeld.
sp act hero movie

Talking about this at parties over Christmas, I might have over-exaggerated things. SO, should I post this card ?

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He won't ever see it, will he? It's impactful though. Maybe it would get more mileage on the internet if it could be memed around somehow.

"Which parasite world leader with a human pulse are you most likely to burn the head off ?"

The folks at AOL are gonna love the card I've been holding onto for the Republic of Yemen's Minister of Human Rights, Alessandro Bavari's "Portriat of a girl who looks at herself in a mirror".

Topless titties go down so well in those vehement religious sectors. Really pull the crowds.

Hmm. Have you included your full address on the Rumsfeld card as an afterthought? Your details are probably already on the CIA's list anyway - this card won't even get your name underlined!
However, if you were to assassinate Rumsfeld...
PS Yes, I've just got you on Google's "assassinate Rumsfeld" search results! (Consider your name underlined!)

Laughed my ass off, I know you have designs on that yourself, Mr. Ashcroft.


bit much - but thats rock n roll for ya. keep up the good work bro


Still recovering

Hope New year is going well and hope you are not now detained in the afore mentioned centre.
You are noticeable bty your absence hahaha BOCA

Thanks man. Aforementioned creative block is still giving me bother coupled with the universitys whorish need to be filled by essays. Fancy getting David Hicks out of there for me ?

I guess the reason I'm stumped is Hicks' relation to the Taliban, purportedly. Its common knowledge now they were the neocons little puppets and not terrorists. Tools of the real terrorists, lined up to play their parts as scapegoats and fall guys. It just bugs me if I should spend my time getting a member of that army out of jail, as only someone incredibly stupid is going to travel to Afghanistan immendiately post-911 and take up arms against the Americans. Or someone stupidly optimistic.

And its this, has been a mental obstacle in communicating his case. I guess I have sympathies with the idea of stupid people being tortured. NWO bankers and politicians are people too, lets not forget.

I guess this is as good a place as any to unveil my new ongoing exhbit, Daily Democracy

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