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a writer who draws

hello viewer

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I love local radio on buses on clever days
sp act hero movie
The rain sham upon the windows of the bus perch as foreground to the wind grey that blocks the local radio station
transmission of some shit lame Sting / Stipe wanna be act drowning on his own self professed
recreation of someone elses miserable times transmuted by the power of delirium, invoked by the power of hysteria

The wind smudges the signal like an eraser, a adults filter, subtracting whole choruses from the playlist of the sloth
Tidies the dirty foxehearts, nature in mysterious ways, this is a beautiful three and a half minutes.

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Man, this is beautiful...real sublime piece of prose-poetry! So many images evoked and unfolds like a dream...or like the pitch perfect handling of a too strange automobile. Beautiful Beautiful forever...

Talking of dreams don't worry about what you were talking about earlier. Michael and I are ok. Plus your present's in the post tomorrow, just I been really busy today and yesterday.

Once again...sweet


Thanks man. I'm reluctant about posting any prose-poetry up here, cos usually i think my own work without pictures sucks. This one has a nice picture, yeah.

Glad you're well. I came out of that nightmare with a feeling of carrying something bad accross. Dreams are proving particularly interesting for me lately and I plan on setting up a livejournal chronicling them in a diary lie fashion. It'll probably be friends only for a while, which means you'll want a livejournal account !

I'll be in Bangor 10-14th March : if you wanna quick meet I'm up for it. I'll try and work some times out. Looking forward to your return to Oxford Richard. Any idea how long you'll be in town for ?

Has Michael been body-popping lately ?

Travels through some collective consciousness easily explains his appearance in a land of dreaming.

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