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I've been subscribed to for almost a year now. For those who don't know, its the multimedia url of Alex jones, the man who came to notoriety by sneaking into the closely guarded Bohemian Grove, with the help of Channel Four. More important are his exposes on 911 and the American Police State.

Mentioned previously on my LJ in a detailed film review here

Jones is also the man who interviewed Mr. Sheen immediately before and after he "spoke up" on Showbiz Tonight.

Prison Planet Dot Teevee annual subscription currently costs $39.95, about £25-£30 and this provides access to all of Jones' films, his weekly video and audio reports, articles and books and films by affiliates. (About fifty films and fifty plus hour long tv shows) Although I've saved most of the video site content to disk (as per Jones' 'shareware' ethos), I'm considering going for another years sub. Recent polls have shown 90%+ of Americans know their government was involved in the attacks, and the numbers are probably higher here in Britain. We've still a long way to go to govern the government so to speak.. I'm suggesting Jones & Co.s knowledge base is a very wise place to explore. Either way, can't stop the signal.

Heres a link to some of his videos available at no charge ,

If you've noticed more and more how reality has gotten like Babylon 5 lately, Alex Jones and is the Voice of The Resistance
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