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Defusing Stoltenberg
sp act hero movie
Expaning on these remarks...

Freud was a coke wanker !

Around fifty percent of John Stoltenberg's Refusing to Be A Man : Essays on Sex and Justice is angering, pureile defeatism with significant male-hatred. The dis-empowerment of the term 'man' through a non-discriminate rant is the synthesis of a strong foundation on Freudian ideology and nonsensical linguistical strategies. (Neither is it funny.) Stoltenberg's remarks are many flammatory, not dis-similar to a shock jockey, lacking redemptive and productive progression, self-contradicting in a mire of his own spew.

I bought this book on discount

"Disarmament and Masculinity" and "Confronting Pornography as a Civil Rights Issue" are the two exceptional essays offering some perspective on the historical and geographical (U.S. related) contexts. They inform and provide useful analysis (trendsetting the better half of the book), in puttig across a message that is properly referenced and supported.

The Male Has No Sex ?

Stoltenberg's repetitive usage of 'sex' were literately he could have utilised 'gender' infuriated me. The grevious judgement error of Freudian foundation may lead to the dead-end revealed when he eventually states his position in the final chapter. Stoltenberg reckons that 'sex' (gender) may be a species classification (welll...duhh !) and therefore does not exist in terms of fighting the sexism. Now while this may be okay at least for those who enjoy a gender-blurring , its a problem for me. I'm quite happy with the prospect of never having periods, never having to carry a fetus or child inside my belly, and my penis is only sometimes a painful burden. Being a Man can be at times thankless, poorly recognised and were it counts, monotonous series of tediousness yet sometimes it is the exact opposite of these ! I am proud to be a man when I help surroundings I help surroundings. Stoltenberg and other man-bashers might gain some therapy meditating on that.


Stoltenberg's essays (in this book) were written in between the mid seventies and mid eighties. The relevancy rating is often poor as a sizeable proportion of this book has not aged well. A very different time in gender relations, and communications. Its also American-centric which probably accounts for much of the jaded B.S. revealed part-way through "The Fetus as Penis: Men's Self-Interest and Abortion Rights", another recommended chapter for U.S. readers, or readers motivated to liberate the U.S.
And thats it.
"Re-Introducing to be a man" Stoltenberg might wanna work on. I'd recommend this if you have a similar outlook to myself and enjoy flirting with the feeling of thrashing book spines into brick walls.

Why not build your own copy ?
Cut out part 1, chapters 2-3
part 2, chapter 1, 3 (non US readers) and chapter 4

Thats a saving of over seventy pages !

Next post : Something about comics distribution perhaps.

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I read some of Freud's letters that he wrote whilst on cocaine when I was at college. The most embarrassing farty reading you'll ever find. I'm still blushing for him.

Changed that from
"a strong foundation on the illogicality of Freud" to "a strong foundation on Freudian ideology"
as it appears Stoltenberg didnt cotton on to what Freud's legacy doing.

Aspect of me wants to know what was in those documents that you read that was so embaressing. And maybe I'd rather not know.

The Freud thing came to my attention based on a) common-sense b) Adam Curtis' excellent documentary series, The Century of the Self which explains how the use of Freud's ideas led to a creation of "political spin doctors, marketing moguls".

Clearly, he was off his nut.

Ohhh.. i wish i hadnt looked at that web-page. Coked Freud reads like Schwarzenegger.

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