Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

It was old and it was stagnant

This is a parade in July in Bangor, Northern Ireland
This is a parade in July in Oxford, England

I see a few differences.

I dont really have an active amount of livejournalists or regular readers to my blog from Northern ireland. Not to my knowledge, and despite living there thirty years.

I did get one who linked to a feature on how Northern Ireland is an official race hate capital of Europe, which makes a horrific kinda sense because in most of my time there i met very few people from other nations. Except for a few hot food staff. Theres an old saying around about Ulsterfolk seeing a negro person walking down the street, and all presing themselves against the windows because its such a rare sight.

In the fortnight of bonfires and pipebands with drumming more hideous and lowbrow than any clubber in a car park, those nearby can either put up, shut up, or get out. For those in the outer areas, its a few days worth of shared perception. That being, don't go to such and such a town, don't go to that housing estate regardless of committments to friendship or work. Unless yer prepared to be heavily delayed by rail, car and foot, set upon by drunken yob mobs and risking damage to the ears

And thats just one fortnight of suffering. Northern Ireland, although many of the bred folk living there don't realise it, is beset by limitations of body and mind. Well, this week I aim to get a bit of revengevolution. Yes revengevolution. I'm devoting my lj to alternate 12th celebrations including lifting the lid on some of the cockroaches, and dispelling the myths of the ohso secret orange order. Thank goodness I wasnt raised catholic - their politicians and religious leaders are even more knee deep in filth than I am about to expose.

I may even stay in from the pub on Tuesday.

I'm interested in hearing for any and all Northern Ireland LJers and those holding alternate 12th celebrations. Post in the comments as you wish.
Tags: alternate12th, carnival, hatred, limits, twelfth fortnight

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