Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

Come Home Safely

I got home safely last night. I wanted to tell you, livejournal. But I got locked out. I had to wake Dave up at three thirty. He was very mad. I thought about what to do for an hour. I ttried to get here, but it appeared my computer had come down with a nasty virus. And after switching it off and on for the sixth time in eighteen hours, its working fine.
I brought some photos of Jeremy's Emu, Badger Shane, Richard in Shoredtich comics and Zombie Attack. These shall approach.

After some sensible stalking I found the _belfastcommunity it has a nice photo. I'm tempted to post my rantings about an alternate twelfth community, but i shouldnt just stumble into town, not just like a sacred cow...should i ?

Didn't join underscore-less belfast perhaps posing as but not quite a community because its news items, marginalised, and i get my collated news that actually means something and offers optimism unpolluted by globalist hands FROM OTHER SOURCES..

Northern Ireland is much too interbred, and i mean that genuinely, in the hope of acceptance of my outreach to raise you people to other and greater things. I mean that, in love.

I also suspect this is thirty years of built up repression I have begun to release at an incredible rate. Friends will let me know if I;m going a bit mad.
Still, look beyond yourselves. Its a massive world that needs you to participate. You are the secret reserve army, like the narns, only with ninja skills. (Come to think of it, werent all the narns either ninjas or kickboxers ?)

David Icke tracked a demon constellation to the point directly above Lough Neagh. Discuss this and other matters in the comments section below.

Oh yeah, and of course, belated mentions to Michael's Myspace Poetry Page. If this is the guy who can get Bangors Wolseys of all places moving into Poetry Night zone. Yeah, what the fuck ? Give him his own website. Shut down the usual Myspace opening blinders and have a look round. Including the drugs video.
Tags: alternate12th, badger shane, community. poetry, david icke, richard barr, twelfth fortnight, wolseys

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