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Theres been a mix-up with the payments

smallbeasts and i were talking about the English perception of the marching season. How stupid so-called "loyalists" could be, lack of loyality to the British often consisted of continuing demonstrations each year, an upsurge in fires and is
that meant to curry the favour of the British public ?

How has my perception of the marching season been informed by moving to England ? Well, i

always thought it was a petty and juvenile thing but Oxford is like living in some far flung

future, so I can now report that yes, many Ulster folk behave like little asbo cases.

Thats a fact, and allow me to demonstrate. (Don't feel you have to click on these links, theyre just there as a proof trail. The points I am about making will become evident, just try to keep hold.)

Yesterdays news stories state that this is the most

peaceful Twelfth fortnight : 35 years and the first

time the Army havent been deployed. Well, they came out

to erect barricades to stop the damage of properties.

Good for them. Maybe they arent just a bunch of hired

killers after all. I may have to radically revise my

opinion. Amicably, the Ardoyne area saw a reduction to

a single drum beat, and was not made available to

followers of the march. Even better ! Of course, it

could have been done four decades ago before folk felt

the need to scream and shout and cry and bleed at a

bunch of drunken yobs going over the front of their


All worked out fine except for a few wee tangents on

"the peaceful twelfth". This time protestants hammered

on the windows of their buses as they passed a waiting crowd of

nationalist protestors who responded by hurling a

handful of bottles and fireworks. (The Scotsman)

Londonderry car-hijacking and arsonry (Seattle News)

So I forgive David McKittrick for his sensationalist angle,Should the Orange March be cancelled ? (The Independent) Especially when he brings to my attention that the government are giving the Orange Order £100,000 to appoint a development officer to turn Orangefest into an all-inclusive event for the little kiddies and so the Nationalists will be able to afford to hold hands with the Protestants and they can all dance around in a field of crimson and barley stalks and wave white tissues and say we love you world ! We love you !

Its a lovely concept, but wehhh, i think theres been a mix up with the payments. If they were sincere about it shouldnt they be giving the funds to a body outside the Orange Order, like the fund set aside for The Arts Council, and allow them to co-ordinate payment for expenses with the Order ? I'm having trouble visualising some Loyalist training class, funds for built headphones to be attached to the instruments, purchase of phony off-licenses were the paramilitaries replace all the cider bottles with coloured water.

Yes, what has so obviously happened is that theres been a mix-up with the payments. The Arts Council were given £3.3 million to cover up the paramilitary murals that the Orangemens supporters created (Belfast Today) (Read my observations of these here) What really should have happened is that the money should have been less than that and paid to the Orangemen to clean up themselves. I'm thinking minimum wage, or y'know, voluntary (big smiles), Perhaps, the Arts Council could pay for a summer school were the loyalist painters are taught better techniques, how to behave as artists, the magic of art, made to watch some star trek or y'know, listen to some meditation bells with scented candles.

YOU SEE THERE REALLY HAS BEEN A MIX-UP WITH THE PAYMENTSBecause what happened is that the Government somehow ooh er um forgot to give the Belfast Rape Crisis Centre £66,000. Y'see when they were allocating funds they werent looking at how people feel, only what people do. And survivors of rape very rarely say things like, "You can't charge me this fine for hopping on the train without paying, I just got raped ! I have to get home !"
"How dare Sinn Fein rape me ? They will never sit in government ! I lost many of my friends and I cannot tell my parents and theres not a day goes by when the thought of a beautiful relationship desecrated doesn't cause my eyes to water. Theres not an Orangeman or any man alive who didnt buckle at the knees that day. No surrender !"
"We have made progresses, we have made advances, it was a pity we had to be raped to do it, now i think we should start seeing the respect we deserve. I think the best thing would be for us all to move forward, and get our rape crisis centre back"
Because survivors of rape carry it inside. Where they buckled at the knees, were they lost people they loved and want it to be different and lost their innocence irrevocably. Were they found their strength and wished for a world they didnt need to.
Sources :

An orange hall is destroyed in arson while somewhere in the province on the eleventh the fire and rescue service was called out every 41 seconds. The hall was used for community functions and could have therefore been used as a crisis counselling centre. I'm sick of the firefighters being treated like shit. FIRE REPRODUCES.
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