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If it all ends tomorrow, this city bore me Scott Free !

Ah, courtesy of Oxford Library and Flickr,

I'm not sure I'm happy with those skin tones.

does anyone still use internet explorer ? by choice ?

i was really looking forward to getting my momentum into helping this mobilisation for the Rape Crisis Centre.

Fuck big brother, I've been given my seven days notice, almost surprise eviction. So, if anyone in the Oxford wants to offer couch or floor space for a few nights I'm gagging for it. Sad times these, when folk have become so disillusioned that they can't afford to wait another three days for cash in hand, and yes, I told him that. Except for the payroll department, who seem happy enough to wait four weeks after a jobs completion, or in my case, two and a half months

My computers acting tempramental again. Including prompting nightmares of it melding and folding. I'ma back to the jobsearch.

Carry on, carry on.
Tags: belfast rape crisis centre, come home safely, flickr, oxford library

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