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a writer who draws

hello viewer

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I really wanted to draw a comic last night
sp act hero movie
SPOILER WARNING : At the weekend I shaved off all of my chest hair.

Composed with a Derwent Graphic 38, some Blu-Tak, a biro pen, ruler, digital camera, extensive research, twelve hours, tea, and art-liner 2mm for bridge on, 'WHAT ?'

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Well done. All mens should follow suit, especially in summer. Pits too, not to mention SHOULDERS, etc. The Romans knew a thing or two.

It helps this weather. I feel so less fuzzy.

In my world, pants are optional.
Shirts are quasi-optional.

Also, this strip was fabulousness.
So true it hurts.

(Deleted comment)

hangers ? mmm maybe

This is what I was trying to do with "Whats Wrong with this picture ?".
I'm working on a few new pieces of this sort of tone. "Wotisname" is a three or four page bio piece about the individual and society and I think I may have Alan Moore and Alex Jones each in a panel. One page in, lookin good.

I need a tenner to get twenty copies ready for Caption. Think I may put a paypal button up.

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