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"When your bow is broken and your last arrow spent, then shoot, shoot with your whole heart"

Newshound expands on the oppression of the Belfast Rape Crisis Centre by the Blair regime. It seems the Centre doesn't approve of something called Community Restorative Justice, aka policing by terrorists. The govenment is behind it, but the mourners aren't (Newshound)

Wikipedia. viably, have a great listing of external links to resources on sexual assault and rape.
I recall this piece on Secondary survivors as sontaining some important notes. I wish I could have done everything there.</a> has plenty of practical links on it
The NWA Rape Crisis Centre has some short commonsense tips on post-assault, Rape Trauma Syndrome and guidance
Truth About Rape offers some hard facts on legislation, statistics and activism or you could always Google it
Pandora's Aquarium is a wonderful community resource for victims --> survivors with a healthy level of privacy available

My original plan with this post was a detailed listing of the various websites I looked to when I found help. However, the curtains are pulled, my lovely housemate is sleeping and I'm just not in "the space" for doing this. Gorram it. Maybe this entry will be a stub, expanded on later.

Of course, maybe not.. when a friend was raped I spent four days with little sleep looking at every website I could find for advice and information. I spent the next month studying this intensely in relation to our and my situation. When something bad happens to someone you love thats what you do. The retarded and slimy nature of legislation out of hiding in Ulster relating to rape meant the support wasn't there for her, for me, for others amongst us. At the very base level, what "good humanity" is about, is helping others. Its what the UK government seems to be blind to, in the overall picture (which is what counts). Maybe a general strike might be in order ?
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