Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

Ranty Update

I may have been off in calling last week's airport attacks a false flag operation. This article by Paul Joseph Watson makes source and link to the London Mirror, NBC News and Daily Mail that a terrorist plot may have been thwarted by planted MI5 agents, prepared to wait a week after bombings were carried out before making arrests. (The alledged incident was due to take place today, MI5 were set to swoop tomorrow at the earliest) This is why Alex Jones was so sure in his recent radio broadcast that "something had rattled them".

Poor Alex. He sounded as if he was in tears for most of a recent broadcast. Urging his listeners to get the 911 Truths out to as many people as possible and grab as much time with calls into chat shows, tv spots, papers and interwebs. Jones feels absolutely sure theres a major attack coming in the next two to three months, on a large scale. Jones stressed hes only ever said anything like this once before, and when he did, the Twin Towers fell ten weeks later.

So maybe the terror plot was foiled. Or maybe they are, as we suggested just making scapegoats, as this article, a character reference on one of the imprisoned-without-charge "terror susspects" from The Guardian suggests. Seems pretty convincing to me. Theres probaly a guide pamphlet for some cops somewhere to refer to. It has a note that reads, "Terrorists are usually people who know how to handle pens and are friendly". As if the plight of the victim Waheed Zaman wasn't bad enough, other sources point to attempts to tie in 911 Truthers as potential terrorists. This article in The London Mirror,De Menezes Gun Cop To Train Sky Marshals So they shot a kid eleven times in the head, and they're not getting arrested but instead transferred to Sky Marshal duty ? Theres terrorism, theres secret service, theres job promotion and opportunity for murderers, JUST WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON ?

WAKE UP !!!!!!!!

How many CIA Analysts does it take to get the governments to take to step into a jail cell ?
Damn it, I can't find the punchline.

OK, Its almost eleven pm. I'm going to bed.

Before I do, thanks to benchilada for his entertaining voiceposts and badasstronaut for varied greatness. (be careful - they're after people who like cakes !) good luck to cleanskies and timscience on their weekend festivities !

If I can find someone in Bangor or Belfast who can get me scanner access, I'll be uploading my performing passport piece and a five-page Jeremy Kyle comic ! Certainly the funniest thing I've done since my Christmas Panto
Tags: 911 truths, alex jones, jeremy kyle, paul joseph watson

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