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Review of Terrorstorm : A Movie By Alex Jones

Lucky for me I made my flight the morning before the media was covered with the latest "Terror Alert", "Terror Plot" posters and British airports were placed under, martial law. I've not seen anything in today's media output to convince me that this is anything other than a exercise of control and liberty infringement. No hard evidence to convince me that these actions constitute a necessarry "surrender of liberty in the name of security". Might very well be a good thing - this may be a round-up of those bombers the CIA released and relocated, a turn of the tide in our favour or Western governments allowed to walk away. It seems more so likely this is an exercise in fascism, of bullyboy fear-mongering and I said before, the more they intensify their attacks, the more I speak out against them. In light of todays events, I'm going to review Alex Jones' new movie "Terrorstorm" available through Google Videos and , and given its information on UK incidents such as the London bombing, seems as on topic as it gets.

"Terrorstorm" opens with five examples from the last century of "false flag operations". This is were governments or operation launch an attack on their own peoples or military planting evidence to blame it on a political enemy, so as to further the reasonability for launching a reaction. I've already mentioned at great length Operation Northwoods and its similarity to the World Trade Centre attacks but Jones goes further with documentary presentations

1. The burning of the Reichstag for a rise to power and the "faked" takeover of a German radio station in "Operation Himmler" as pretexts for invading Poland. Mentally ill patients were kidnapped, drugged and planted near the scene of the crimes with foreign colours.

2. Operation Ajax (1953) - the CIA and MI5 overthrow democratic pro-American anti-communist leader of Iraq, Mohammed Mossadeq. Declassified in the history department at
Kermit Roosevelt went public in 2000 bragging of the bombings, attacks on mosques and religious leaders, bribery and propaganda blamed on Mossadeq's government, and the CIA's creation of Iraq's secret police

3. The Gulf of Tonkin Pretext - President Johnston gives the order to sink an American destroyer in 1964 as a way to open the war in Vietnam. Declassified in 2005.

4. USS Liberty Attacked was one of the actions resulting from the Operation Northwoods document. Lyndon Johnson's backroom deal with Israel involved them launching a full scale attack on the most decorated ship in the fleet.

5. 1946-1983 NATO's Stay-behind armies - Operation Gladio (targeting of buses, schoolbuses and trains) in Western Europe, The Middle East America, Asia, and Italy targetting innocent civilians and blaming it on those left of the political spectrum. Italian officials guilty at their complicity came clean and blew the whistle.

The London Bombings

The introduction complete, the film=makers switch focus to Madrid and London and examine the similarities between the two in relation to bombers links to security agencies and similar modus operandi in simeoultaneous explosive detonation. Excerpts and interviews from Fox News, The Watson Brothers, Michael Meacher, David Shaylor and Annie Machon are included before the focus moves to the execution-style murder of Jean Charles de Menezes in Stockwell. Alex Jones speaks with members of the public and covers the arrests of reporters for ITN and other agencies, including footage of his own threatened arrest while investigating this in London. The many stories, fraudulent, exaggerated, and truthful watchdogs are presented. In chilling similarity with the events of 911, Jones attends to warnings to specialised individuals on the morning of the bombings and missing CCTV footage. The training exercises in London are mentioned, echoing those of NORAD in 2001, and footage of Crisis Manager Peter Power are included. (alledgedly to enable get-out clauses should the perpetrators be caught red-handed). Jones has consulted research with mathematicians on the odds of this "coincidence" - a number with 41 zeroes behind it.
The section rounds out with an examintation of who would stand to gain from such atrocities, and Blair's low poll ratings over Iraq is the target, on a day were he stood to gain sympathies from world leaders gathered at the G8. The section on Britain dovetails into America, bridging with a short feature on The Downing Street Memo, and British "intelligence" sponsored attacks in Basra.

Emperor Bush: Torturers In Britain

One of Jones' favourite challenges to authoritarianism is the disagreeable Patriot Act, and this is discussed in the opening to his presentation on Bush as a dictator.
Bush's claims to be "above the law" and enforcement regardless of legal status are set alongside his payoffs of six billion dollars in his first two years to journalists and reporters, and his passing bills not having gone through congress. Amnesty international postbox choice Alberto Gonzales is put under focus, also John Yoo's advocacy of sexual torture of small children in front of their parents.
Bush's million dollar payoffs to US media, and the tight control grip of Iraq media are mentioned along the way as Jones delves into military controlm and then the Birtish Press. The film gets in=depth with David Shaylor and Annie Machon and what they went through. Members of the public are interviews regarding liberty vs security and the mass CCTV placements. Jones talks to veteran CIA analyst Ray McGovern and bereaved mother and protestor Cindy Sheehan.

The extension of American military power is discussed by honoured MP Michael Meacher, as is "The Project For a New American Century : Rebuilding America's Defenses" (1999=2000), citing the need for a helpful Pearl Harbour. The policies governing attitudes to Iran and Iraq are shown convincingly in the context of "invention of the enemy" by those McGovern, insider, refers to as "the crazies" in the eighties. Meacher and Shaylor discuss the holes in the official 911 storythat just don't add up, that haven't been answered or examined in official congressional reports. Transfer of funds to hijackers in official reports given the value as being "of little consequence", the all-round stand-down....this is a film that will boil your blood and encourage you to get active. This is capped by a brief mention of knowledgeable professionals, "physics professors and the heads of mining colleges", scholars, scientists, engineers, celebrities and ex-whitehouse advisors and cia analysts who challenge the official story with every ounce of their soul.

After covering his association with Charlie Sheen, whose skepticism in the media eye was shoved out by an ever-renewing agenda and personal threats, Jones discusses the theories of Edward Bernays, nephew of Freud and the father of public relations. Bernays book,"Propaganda" is discussed as is his relation with Goebbels, previous US presidents and the fluoridisation of water.

At one hour fifty two minutes, "Terrorstorm" is an hour shorter than Jones' previous work, Martial Law 911. On-the-ground footage isn't as heavy, prompting instead for interviews, histories and news extracts to make his point. I prefer the previous work, but in these circumstances, comparison is futile, and this..this..the movie "Terrorstorm" is quite a necessity. Its focus is mainly centred on the British situation, which is an odd choice for a film-maker who has done such a great job of documenting and collating American news. However, it fills a gap of independent honest and courageous and challenging video that has been missing from television since Mark Thomas disappeared from our screens. Well done, Alex !

Terrorstorm by Alex Jones is available free from Google Videos, Bit Torrent and other P2P services. Selected excerpts are available on YouTube. Hard copies of the dvd can be bought online, or it can be watched and downloaded as part of a year's subscription at
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