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a writer who draws

hello viewer

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The Jeremy Kyle Show
sp act hero movie
The new comic strip,re-scanned, re-chopped, just under this cut,

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You know, seeing fabulousness like this...

Part of me's wanting to give you almost free-reign with the Sir Reginald bit I write for you...

Thankyou dear. But Sir Reginald could quite likely be ended up as a Canadian. Have you ever considered that ?

Sir Reginald is in the mind of every artist who touches him.

Lemme see what I can work out for you. I think it'll be relatively free reign, whatever the piece ends up being...

I'm all for you doing something totally mental and pop culture with it, if you like. Transnationally translating, not obscure like jeremy Kyle.
What are you workinig on ? What are u working on ? Waht are yi working on ?

Pop Magicians on the same wavelength, that's you and me. About when you were writing your e-mail, I was getting ready for and traveling to work.

I was thinking of your style, and in my mind, we're suddenly with an Alternate Sir Reginald, talking to reporters, being on prime-time news shows, answering questions like "Are there any truth to the rumors you've been seeing Paris Hilton?" -- "Not if I can help it, no." And telling the press that he's not going to be at Sotheby's, bidding on Tom Cruise's frozen head, because "I know where the real one is."

and so on.

"My God...it'll be beautiful!"

Fantastic, It will be

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