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Babylon 5 was a documentary
sp act hero movie
I've tried to stay away from the sci-fi and supernatural genre owing to my habits with brilliant shows Babylon 5, Angel and Firefly. Theres a firm moral trend here : Firefly takes on an oppressive authoritarian empire with compassion decency and the truth and strikes a blow for freedom, Angel has traces of a similar storyline in its last season, ending in a Cassidy and Sundance freeze frame illustrating the mortality of that struggle. Babylon 5 gives more prolonged and extensive focus to the aspets of said regime, and some extent to the efforts to diminish it.

"The Ministry of Peace" is a SS propaganda machine that mirrors the Orwellian doublespeak found in phrases like "The War on Terror". Also a recruiting machine - commissioned by a corrupt Earth government doing arms deals with The Shadows, the dark evil oppressors. Earth Government is run by the corrupt President Clark, coming into power after a previous president was assasinated by Clark's allies. The propaganda machine on Earth is many many Pro-Clark news channels, the result of fear and money investment, as with Bush's record illegal expenditure in 2001-2002 to plant Pro-Bush news stories. Running a foreign policy openly aggressive, he's prepared to take down the entire planet by bringing on a full scale attack and then dropping his shields. Similar to Norad standing down, the open borders around Mexico going on right now (including on September 11), and Neoconservative Clark inviting mass destruction prepared to bring about an endgame based on a foreign policy that is at some levels racist, others elititist. The Voice of The Resistance, a radio station run by the rogue Babylon 5, comes under attack much in the way The Neoconservative Regime attacks Al-Jezeera and Prisonplanet radio show. And Captain Sheridan is arrested, interrogated, tortured and attempted to be used to speak out against his resistance movement. Much like what they did to Alex Jones on his way to speak out against The Bilderberg Group.

Oh yeah, and..

This has probably all been mentioned on fanboards , i hope it has. I don't tend to go there. I reckon much of B5 was written from Straczynski's great interest in political history rather than any CIA plot to 'plant' storylines.

I have been reading my pals LJs and blogs even I've not been commenting as often.
I'll be offline from Sunday for about a week, maybe two. Your comments and emails are loved. Leave me some stuff.
Oh and bugpete or peteash10 can you send me your address ?

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I got very caught up in B5 in the day, and it's rare for me to get caught up in a television programme. I think it was all the interplanetary politics. And wondering about the Vorlons. And what was it with that guy and the oranges?

a lot of foreshadowing

with the oranges thing, after all, they did secede from earth.

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