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a writer who draws

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Andy Luke
6 December 1973
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I come from a collection of small Ulster borough towns, each one closer to the sea than the one before it. I do not live in isolation, but sometimes it feels that way.

While in Ulster, I never got shot or exploded. I had a gun pointed at me once, and lost a few dear friends, as the result of retardation that happens anywhere.
I'm a recent BA grad from Oxford Brookes in Combined Studies: Media, Society and Education.

I've been drawing comics for other people to see since 1997.

I'm happy exchanging ideas and information with new people. My livejournal is more a typical blog, than a full-on website, with essays, articles, comics, photos etc.

I can be emailed at username@livejournal.com
Please don't add me to any instant messaging lists, unless I know your association, by prior introduction such as email or meeting.

Proud affiliate of

I'm an active supporter of participant democracy and an active supporter of Amnesty International. I'm already against the next war.

To learn more about the place were my interests in comics and democracy meet I think you might want to check out this,

For current mailing address please email.

24 Hour Comics

'Don't Get Lost' is a narrative about rape written from a secondary survivor's point-of-view. It can be viewed at Talesofthe.com

'Absence', my 24 hour comic about living with epilepsy can be viewed here.
Print copies are available from the above address for £1 & 50p p&p.

'Gran', my 24 hour comic is available in pdf form from Internet Archive
Also available in print for £1 plus 50p postage and packing,
from the address above.
Will also ship to the States for both. Total - $3 for one, $5 for two.

"The Best Comic of 2007" - Oli Smith, TRS2
"Quite unlike anything else you’ll read this year." - Rich Bruton, Forbidden Planet International

View Andrew Luke's profile on LinkedIn

Notable First-Hand Journalistic Scoops include,

Coverage from site the success of London Underground Comics, for the first six months of its operation.
(Comics Village) (Revisited on Tumblr)

Patterns, and witness interviews of bullying and intimidation against senior citizens by UK Customs officials in Calais (Indymedia)

UK Academia emails targeted by Hotmail, Yahoo, Comcast and BT for intermittent blocking. (Indymedia)

My Other Essays on Comics

"From following his work regularly on Bugpowder and TRS2, I endorse Andrew Luke
as a talented and perceptive journalist and reviewer and I can thoroughly
recommend him for a wide variety of writing assignments."

- Paul Gravett

Interviewing Cartoonist David Morris – ‘Don’t Call Me Legend’ (Smallzone)

A Rant - The Visibility War: The State of the UK Comics Publishing in 2001. (Bugpowder)

TRS2 : The Reviewers Cut 8pgs Flickr

Uk Web & Mini-Comix Thing, Report 2006 (Incorporating
TRS2 : The Reviewers Cut 8pgs)

Comics Expos and Distribution on a budget (LJ)

The Super Secret Clubhouse and The Glass Teat : Thoughts on Comics and TV (Silver Bullet Comics)

No Barcodes: A review of London Underground Comics first extended festival

The Sheridan Cottage Series, Comics Village


Alternate 12th July Blog


Gaming Journal

I am not a music snob : A justly barbaric diatribe on the distribution of Approved To Play Commercial Radio Fare and Its Overlords (In several parts)

(Related) Oxford Brookes Poetry Centre : Poetry on The Buses Winning Entry 2007


Wee Hard Man : A Northern Ireland Christmas Tale. Flickr 1pg (Art skills by Dek Baker) (1997)

Quincy Flickr 1 pg (1999)

Stan (Lee) and Ian (Paisley) - They're In The Same Body ! Flickr 2pgs (1999)

Servant To The Muse Flickr 2 strips, a page each. (1999)

“I was looking at the rain…” by Justyne and Andrew Flickr 1pg (October 2005)

Timmy Mallet washing the dishes Flickr 1pg (Early 2003)

Andrew Luke’s Christmas Pantomime 2005 Lj 4pgs

Ouija Board, Ouija Board (A True Oral Story) with Art by Barry '4 minutes' Renshaw On Flickr courtesy of Mondoagogo 1/16 x 16 (March 2006)

Andrew Lukes Comic Book #5 - All Transformers Special pdf 20pgs (March 2007)

Filling in for Jeremy Dennis on The Weekly Strip Alleged Literature 1pg (November 2006)

Jeremy Kyle Vs The Neocons pdf Lj 6-8pgs (September 2006)

"More Tea, Robot ?" A collaboration with Amy Letts Flickr 1pg (November 2006)

Andrew Luke's Comic Book #6 pdf 20pgs (March 2007)

Off My Chest (from #6) Stripblog 2pgs (July 2006)

Star Trek TV (from #6) Flickr 2pgs (December 2005)

Meatloaf Vs Hendrix Flickr 1pg (September 2006)

The indignity of putting four cans of Special Brew 9% together in a plastic ring Lj 1pg (May 2007)

The Sociology of Health and Illness - An Exam Revision Comic Lj 11pgs (May 2007)

Understanding Society 2: Transformations - An Exam Revision Comics Lj 8pg (May 2007)

Truckstop Andrew: Smoke Break Lj 1pg (May 2007)

Dating Friends Flickr 1pg (June 2007)

Utau Paints Flickr 1pg (June 2007)

Life Behind Bars (Spring 2007) Pdf (23 pages) (A collaborative photocomic from the 2007 Spring Comics Retreat

Oli Smith meets the Queen Flickr (1pg)

Rattling The Tin

On The Neural Pathways Of Andy Luke's Brain
A concept map devised at the end of 2007.

Lengthier Reviews

Pedersen 113: A review of J Michael Straczynski’s ‘Rising Stars’
Part One Part Two (Silver Bullet Comics)

Moore, Ha and Cannon’s Top Ten Book Em Kemlo ! An overview of Season One Review of Book One (silver Bullet Comics)

Review of 9-11: Rise of the Police State: A movie by Alex Jones (LJ)

Review of Terrorstorm: A Movie By Alex Jones (LJ)

Defusing Stoltenberg: A review of John Stoltenberg's Refusing to be a man (LJ)

Shorter Reviews

Other Marvel and Dc Comics reviewed by me in 2000 at Silver Bullet Comics

Perhaps what I'm best known for : Around 300 small press comics reviewed at TRS2, plus hundreds of reviews by many other excellent writers(1999-present)

Small press comics reviewed in Borderline, a magazine too ahead of its time.

Other Art

Daily Democracy Postcard Collection(Jan 2006-Jan 2007)

Daily Democracy (Jan 2007) – Over sixty cards in one batch

Camfrog Sketch Gallery(Jan 2006-May 2007)

This next photo is of me and it were taken by Teacake Comics at the Springtime Comics Retreat in Caernarfon (and Portmeirion)

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