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ah..been away for a bit.
Division X Drinks
Well, a wee part-time job may be coming in and there's moves happening that might have me booking a flight from tomorrow.
Oh, and the combat troops have left Iraq. Isn't that frickin phenomenal?

oxfordhacker 's birthday so shout out to him. Did I read something about him France? I've been away from livejournal so long that I'd not be surprised if he has a trained robot dog modified from futuretech, possibly on loan to Badasstronaut for guarding her country cottage. The one used for the MCR which she thought might be a funny idea to suggest buying,but not so the Girly Comic couple who decided it was a viable option and corralled many mutual friends into buying shares in it.

Got a bit carried away with my harmless paranoias there. I think that has not happened. However if any of you have recently become leaders of small South American countries, do let me know.

Todays comic from the archives is

click thru for reads

It's a neat ambassador for a sort of comic I'd like to do again - part crass pop culture humour shorts, part autobio strip, part zine image music festival review. I shall tag it below.

Ebay ---  iDream

I'm Bat-Man!
I'm Batman
Throughout this week I'm having a whip-round for some cash for hols. The immediate essentials have been made available by generous donators and I'll be booking a ticket at week's end.

The image on the left is from another from-the-archives full-of-toilet-humour and eye-catching-illustration.
It's "The Party", and you can read it here.

It's 23 pages, but was originally conceived as a series of single pages complete in themselves. I was reading Will Eisner's Comics & Sequential Art  at the time and really wanted to have every page look very different.

"It's obviously not as good as your last one. In fact, I found it a bit shallow" - Oli Smith

"Oh, I've been to that park. I like the pretty designs. Did you really know Don McLean?" - Joy Dunlop

"Hahahahahahahahahaha" - S
everal people whose laughs I cannot spell. Including Bat-Man.

These pages were scanned in from a photocopy, as the originals appear to be not appearing. So if you'd like to buy any of these, check with me first to see if it's available. UK postage £1, outside UK £3. I believe in micropayments and disposable art. Shall we say four or five quid per page? Some are dearer than others, drop me a line if in doubt. Or just donate, leave a location and enter the RANDOM PAGE THINGY SEND. Oh and here's some more with swears.

My friend Moike sent me this. It has rude words which some of you seem to like. Dearodearo.

What do you say we make apple juice and fax it to each other?

And then George W Bush walked in.
sp act hero movie

Some roughs there from a one-page strip I drew for  Dan Lester back in the Camden comics stall days. Unlike most of Dan's stuff this is quite SFW. And I really like Dan's writing on this one.

Heres the finished piece.

The NSFW Revenge of the Cantina went up yesterday, here it is.

Later today, The Party, a 20 page comic full of more toilet humour spot gags styles but with less rude words.

Happy Birthday [info]jackfirecat - We shall have Nasty Scotch Drunk Again Fun Times.

INTERWEBHEADS, You can still buy pages. My paypal address is drew.luke@gmail.com. And can bid on stuff by Dave Gibbons, John Bolton and Caroline Parkinson, that's her lovely piece below. And digital downloads through Alltern8 iDream including the Sheridan Cottage Volume 1 and some other gear not yet uploaded. All sales on iDream go 100% to the artist, and if you're quick they may still be doing free artist accounts. iDream are really lovely people.

Oh look, they even has that Colonel Decker out of the A-team tv show thing.

P.S Donators so far who haven't received anything, Pick! Pick!

These aren't the droids you're looking for
sp act hero movie
Thanks to some very generous donations, I've managed to reach over my target £70. So if my other arrangement holds out. it's looking like I'll be able to book the travel costs this week..

Speaking of tickets, if you have yours look beyond the opening features to a time far away of needless sex, violence and cursing with too many pretty pictures.

Episode Three: Revenge of the Cantina (In it's 28 page spot-gag entirety!)

Contains mostly pureile humour and shows off some fun cut-outs.

Please don't be "purchasing". I'm not sure the rozzers would approve. Let me know which piece/s of art from my whole archive I can send out to you.

And there are still some pieces on Ebay, such as this one.
John Bolton! John Bolton!
If you've already donated, and fancy one of them, drop me a line and I'll drop it to you. Oh, and a few digital comics are now up at iDream at my ordinarily cheap rates!

(no subject)
sp act hero movie
Okay. I'm hoping to attend a wedding in India and I'd like to raise about £50-£70 by the end of this week. So, I'll be throwing up some comics files onto the web at iDream for sale. Up there now,  "My comic is about Sociology and it features Tony Blair as a chest knob".

Over at ebay there's work I've previously bought at Caption by Caroline Parkinson, Dave Gibbons and John Bolton

More to come.

Most original pages from my comics are for sale. Check my profile for a complete list of those. Some stuff is fixed price in my head, by-and-large I'm open to offers. £1 within the UK, £3/$5 whiche'er further. Discounts for those on baked beans and lentils.

I'm also considering blogging hourly at some point this week.. No-Mates says my blogging is dull. In the case you agree, you can pledge me not to blog.

The address for my Paypal account is drew.luke@gmail.com

And some comics. Starting with,

This may not be to everyone's tastes, so I'll put it behind a cut.
Of my littered-with-obscenities pieces, it's the worst. Due to mental imbalances, it's not really gone out anywhere beyond it's first printing.

"And it was a similarly childish reaction to those who might have expected" George Lucas to "pick a good name (that) fits"

Yarn Episode 3. I saw the first one, fifteen minutes of the second one and wondered if I could occupy that downhill space and position myself as a ramp in case George was headed that way.

I started drinking a while later, but the summer putting this together was a lot of fun. Scissors and shapes and tak and tracing. I think it does show. It's stupid now that I think about it, but you wouldn't be here other-wise.

Uploading through the week: REVENGE OF THE CANTINA (2003)
See, even has pre-feature auditorium projections.

On a side-note, if you fancy me selling any of my pages, my paypal email, youknowwhattodo. I will draw stuff for you for money. It is ok, I am cheaper than a Wal-Mart own brand reduced-to-clear section. Actually, THAT DOES NOT sound okay.


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